Help Save YouTuber: NURDRAGE

Dear friends and esteemed internet trolls,

I am writing here today to ask you to help me save one of YouTube’s greatest scientists. His username is NurdRage. He does several cool and interesting chemistry experiments that generally cannot be done by most individuals. However recently he announced that his 4 year running YouTube series would have to come to an end as he is being moved to a new lab which will not allow him to continue NurdRage. With the large uproar of his community pleading to offer money to save his show he decided to start a donation campaign on Indigogo. While the uproar was large, it is not nearly large enough to meet the goal within the donation period at its current growth rate. I am writing this today to ask for your help. Please save science! Donate to his Indigogo Campaign. If you cannot donate, then please reblog/share this post, or even just the link to his campaign or video explaining it. I would also like to make it perfectly clear that if he doesn’t reach his goal, you will receive the money you donated back. But please, help him achieve his goal in any way you can so we can continue having science!

Thank you.

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